How Title Loans Work

Bad Credit Scores?

Need money today?

People think that if they have bad credit they can’t get a loan.

This isn’t true.

If you have an AZ title to your vehicle, you can get cash in 20 minutes with a title loan from AZ Auto Title Loans.

Title Loans are an alternative finance product where the loan is secured by your vehicle. You are pledging your vehicle as collateral for the loan. By doing this it lowers the risk on the loan, and that allows you to get a much larger loan amount at a lower rate than you would get with a payday or a personal loan. This also makes the process easier and quicker because with a title loan we care more about the equity in your car than your credit score.

Here’s how it works:

  • Apply with our quick Application form to your left.
  • Meet at one of our locations or our mobile unit will drive to you
  • Quick inspection of your car
  • Check your AZ Title and Drivers License
  • Finish paper work
  • You’ll have a check for up to 50k in 20 minutes or less
  • Drive away in the car you just borrowed on!

AZ Auto Title Loans offers title loans on anything with an AZ title. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’S, Trailers, ATV’S, and more.

This is a perfect solution for a small business owner that needs a line of credit to make payroll or pay bills, you can pay it down or borrow more at anytime depending on the equity of the collateral.
If you currently have a title loan with one of our competitors, we will pay it off and give you a better rate.

Apply online or call us at 623.266.9163 today. We’ll give you the best rates in AZ.

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